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Satay Plus is a mixture of many Asian spices and herbs that can be used to marinade meat  to make your dish tasty. It is simple and quick to prepare and cook. It can be used to marinade almost all kind of meat: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Seafood or Vegetables too.

For 200 grams, simply marinade it with a spoon full of Satay Plus (about 30g) for 10 minutes. All can be served with Steam Rice.


Sweet and Sour Chicken Satay
Stir fry Satay plus marinade meat with onion and pineapples.





Supreme Satay
Stir fry Satay Plus marinade meat with vegetables fresh or frozen.Both recipes can be flavoured with peanut sauce if required.



Supreme Satay with Salad
Stir fry the meat by itself or with vegetables and serve with salad dressing. The sour taste from the salad dressing compliments the Satay dish.




Mild Curry
Heat up coconut cream and add the satay marinated meat and vegetable such as long green beans, onions, potatoes plus a touch of fish sauce .


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Satay Prawn (any seafood)

Stir fry with prawns (peel off the shell if you like ) quickly sprinkle and stir with coriander or onion chives while hot, and put on a dish ready to serve with steam rice.

Satay Patties
Marinade mince and stir fry with round beans Or make the marinated mince into patties and fry and serve with Salad.

Satay Burger
Satay Patties, onion, pineapples or lettuce .Add other sauces,
make into a burger .



How to make quick and simple Peanut Sauce

Peanut sauce- simply heat up coconut cream in a pan ,add a small amount of Satay Plus ,Sweet Soy Sauce, then add Crunchy Peanut Butter and stir until simmer. Top it up or use as dipping sauce for your Satay plus dish.

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